THE GREEN CONE DIGESTER .....  It eats the food you don’t

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The Green Cone is an integral part of household waste

It is a completely natural system that reduces your food waste to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and a small residue. This solar-heated unit takes ALL cooked and uncooked food waste including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit. Put all your food and pet waste into your Green Cone, situated in a sunny part of your garden, and forget about it – almost everything disappears!

The Benefits
Waste food can be disposed of cleanly and quickly, before it becomes smelly. With no food waste in your garbage bags your other waste is drier and lighter. Safe for you, your pets and your plants. It’s easy to set up and maintain. Saves up to 33% of household waste having to be collected.

The Green Cone Difference
Traditional home composting is an excellent way of recycling garden waste back into the soil. However, unlike a Green Cone, a garden composter is not suitable for recycling many types of food waste, including cooked vegetables, pasta, meat, bones, dairy products and also pet feces. The Green Cone has been designed to break down these materials in a safe way. The waste is digested through solar power rather than composted and is primarily reduced to water, without the need to turn the waste.

Your Green Cone needs very little maintenance. It is important to ensure that the top of the basket and the bottom lip of the outer green cone are below ground level and always fully covered with soil. Place the Green Cone in a sunny location. In a well operating Green Cone very little waste residue will be produced, but if necessary the cone can be removed to access the basket to remove excess residue.

Kitchen Caddy and Accelerator Powder
The Green Cone is supplied with a convenient caddy that can be kept in your kitchen to reduce the number of trips you make to your Green Cone, which is designed to handle one full caddy every two days. Your Green Cone is supplied with accelerator powder and an application jar. During the winter time the digestion process may benefit from the application of this powder. Simply shake a small amount of the powder into the caddy before emptying the food waste into the Green Cone.


  • Takes on ALL food waste including meat, bones, dairy, oil, pet waste and seafood scraps.
  • Uses solar heat absorbed to inner black wall to circulate air and heat down to digestion chamber.
  • Low odour profile—uses aerobic digestion by millions of micro and macro organisms.
  • Does not attract vermin, is raccoon-proof, and very bear resistant.
  • Keeps garbage smaller, lighter, drier and smelling better. 
  • No stirring or frequent emptying required.
  • 90% of digested food waste is absorbed as compost tea by surrounding soil. Great for plants!
  • Contains healthy mulch if interrupted, if ignored, a usable residue every few years.
  • On-site handling means no transportation costs and emissions from expensive truck pickup.
  • Sustainable system for a one-time cost.
  • Place directly in your garden or use in a raised bed/container for digestion on any surface (parking lots, roofs, apartment balconies).
  • System comes with 4.5 liter kitchen caddy and accelerator powder.
  • Optimally digests 1+ kg. or 2+ lbs. every 1-2 days in summer, slows in winter in northern climates. 
  • Green Cones have been documented in use for 25 years.
  • Made in Ontario, Canada from durable mostly recycled plastic.
“When I lived in Toronto I used a Green Cone for 20 years and I never had to empty it”.  
— Don Vance, Bayfield

For further information or any questions, please feel free to contact Helen Varekamp 519-565-5442 or Margaret McBride 519-565-4067.  Thank you!