The Mavis/Taylor Trail

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Pathway to the Bayfield River, the two trails start at the Stanley Complex in Varna, 5 Km east of Bayfield on the Mill Road.  Both trails offer relatively easy walking, in a beautiful woodland setting.

Named after area community activist Mavis Govier, this 2.5 Km looped trail offers a slightly more challenging walk to the Bayfield River and back. Its terrain varies greatly at each turn. This is a four seasons trail with such a wide variety of landscapes that it will delight visitors at all times of the year. As you make your way to the scenic lookout at the river, you will pass through groves of pine trees and a steep ravine with a wonderful bridge.

The 1 Km Taylor Trail features a variety of landscapes. Joggers, fitness enthusiasts and pet owners will appreciate the flat terrain and the scents of pine and colourful meadow grasses. This looped trail is a peaceful and tranquil stroll through a varied woodland setting.

In 2012, as a result of a grant from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund, this trail received a surface of compacted gravel, which makes it mobility accessible.

A walk along this trail can be lengthened by combining it with the Mavis Trail.