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Sawmill Trail, Bayfield

Learn about owls and their amazing nocturnal adaptations through an engaging moonlit guided hike. Explore owl habitat, try owl calls and (if we are really lucky) maybe see one of these amazing birds. Our target? The Eastern Screech Owl is this area’s most common owl. Its habitat ranges from woods to urban areas. This small owl is a cavity nester, it makes use of large bird boxes and cavities created by other animals, as well as natural cavities. “To hear an owl hooting on a moonlit night is nothing short of magical.  Then to be lucky enough to see one; that’s an experience with nature that one doesn’t soon forget.”

We will have a special guest from Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority who will call out the owls. Bring a flash light! Hot chocolate will be served at the end of the hike. Donations are welcome to cover expenses. Fun for the whole family! The Sawmill Trail features a range of historical and natural points of interest. Naturalists will enjoy the changing terrain, varied plant life and the telltale signs of abundant wildlife. The trail is 2 km long, difficulty is level 2 although there is one large hill and the prowl will take approx. 1 1/2 hours. Turn east on Old River Road, proceed ½ km and turn right at Sawmill Road; parking available.
LEADERS: Roger Lewington 519-565-2202, Roberta Stemp 519-565-2777, Adriaan Schreuder 519-955-7030

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