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Owl Prowl

LOCATION: Sawmill Trail, Bayfield
Don’t miss this opportunity to see some owls! We will have a special guest from Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority who will call out the owls. Bring a flash light! Hot chocolate will be served at the end of the hike. A donation jar will be passed around to cover expenses. The Sawmill Trail features a range of historical and natural points of interest. Naturalists will enjoy the changing terrain, varied plant life and the telltale signs of abundant wildlife. The trail is 2 km long, difficulty is level 2 although there is one large hill and the prowl will take approx. 1 1/2 hours. Turn east on Old River Road, proceed ½ km and turn right at Sawmill Road; parking available.

Leaders: Roger Lewington 565-2202, Roberta Stemp 565-2777, Dave MacLaren 565-5480

Earlier Event: April 23
At Woodland Trail, Bayfield
Later Event: May 5
Board Meeting