The Woodland Trail

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Our trails are constantly changing. Whether it’s from one season to the next or simply a rerouting of the path, every time you walk on a trail, if you take your time, you will experience something new.

Recently, the Woodland Trail’s path was changed so that more time is spent along the creek. It has been shortened by about one kilometer and now the path doubles back near Makins Bridge.

The Woodland Trail is a medium difficulty, 5 kilometre trail that meanders past old churches along village roads and then dips into the woods where it follows old gravel pit and lumbering roads and deer paths.

This trail has been carved out of a beautiful woodland setting and enables walkers and cross country runners to enjoy the scenic beauty of tricking streams, wide ravines, meadows and glacial hills. This area is the natural habitat of much wildlife. Hikers can see deer, wild turkeys and other game.

Although the Woodland Trail is located within the village’s boundaries, the diversity of natural environment is surprising. There are sections of dense groves of cedar and mixed forests of towering deciduous trees.